About Us

DigiProm® - Agentur Dunzer

was founded in 1996 and has specialized over the years in the area of Domain Driven Marketing.

Daten die in jedem Unternehmen vorhanden sind, nutzen wir für effektive Marketing- und Promotionaktivitäten und betreiben das digiprom.network.

Our History

  • 2021 - Aufbau von Domain Driven Marketing Networks, ihrem globalen Vertriebsnetzwerk und der Sicherung Ihrer Trademark.
  • 2006 - in 6 Jahren wurden nicht nur wirtschaftsblatt.at / die Mobile Edition und die Beste APP 2012 umgesetzt, laufend weiterentwickelt und betreut. Der Verkauf des digitalen Portfolios standen ebenfalls im zentralen Focus.
  • 2003 - Mediaplanung zahlreicher Kunden der Mediacom und MediaX inkl. Online Kampagnenabwicklung. Entwicklung des europäischen Werbeformats XPlacement™ mit mehr als 650 Millionen Auslieferungen pro Tag.
  • 1999 - Aufbau und Betrieb des österreichischen Werbenetzwerks der AdLINK. Buchung inkl. Kampagnenmanagement und Auslieferung auf mehr als 40 namhaften Webseiten in Österreich.

Our Advantages

Domain Driven Marketing Networks

Global sales networks guarantee the long-term and sustainable brand positioning of your brand in the digital medium and generate more than just the return on investment. By using innovative promotional products such as

we enable every company to advertise websites and social media channels in your .network over the long term. In addition, make sure you secure your brand and product name before your competitors do and rent your domains more expensive.

Meet Our Solutions



provides the 365-day promotion in the digiprom.network and operates with the DigiProm® Solutions 72 additional domains.



enables simple and cost-effective SEM activities with long-term marketing and combine your data on waveoffitness.com.



offers the editorial summary of your website and provides more searches entries on well known searchengines.



provides an efficient cost-effective way, additionally to the usual digital marketing activities of the companies.

Why People Choose Us

do nothing - get nothing

our principles are simple - easy - fair - get additional relevant traffic for your website or your solution partners.

Ihre DigiProm® Solutions

combines your social media profiles and point to them and to your website.

Domain Driven Marketing

with the data of your business card and the links to your social media channels you are ready to take off.

Our Skills

Save your trademark or product name

It isn´t easy to find the right domains by more than 1,215 new Top Level Domains. We help and advise you to find the right one for your company. Fell free to contact us right now.

Our Partners

waveoffitness.com enables simple and cost-effective SEM activities with long-term marketing and combine your data. Robert Pischinger
austriaonline.at provides an efficient cost-effective way, additionally to the usual digital marketing activities of the companies. Christian Eder

We offer a variety of domains

Each domain represent an idea, a product, service or other kinds of interresting content.
But what is the best idea worth, if nobody find it.

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Hits Rating Votes Domains
1130 161 barre.de
1444 475 bosch-vivalytic.com
1246 277 paleo4living.at
1246 277 paleo4living.at
1094 125 seppelbauer.at
1022 53 maxfunsports.com
1143 174 stafler.at
1367 398 triafreunde.com
1325 356 kremsertoni.at
1251 282 garmin.de


Hits Rating Votes Domains
1176 207 ello.co
1302 333 oktopos.de
1171 202 nymi.com
1342 373 indoo.rs
1117 148 clans.de
1239 270 similarweb.com
976 7 digiprom.click
1190 221 burnerapp.com
1281 312 slack.com
1315 346 celtra.com


Hits Rating Votes Domains
1254 285 emotiv.eu
1370 401 supercup-krems.at
1225 256 dasmundwerk.at
1247 278 worldsurfleague.com
1252 283 ultimaker.com
1091 122 theschoolofremembering.net
1307 338 divergentmicrofactories.com
1283 314 falkensteiner.com
1319 350 rohgenuss.at
1288 319 pulsar.at


Hits Rating Votes Domains
1148 179 chocri.de
1094 125 seppelbauer.at
1386 417 eisencheck.at
1246 277 paleo4living.at
1288 319 pulsar.at
1130 161 barre.de
1283 314 falkensteiner.com
1233 264 finfint.de
1098 129 seymann-wine.at
1250 281 welser-silvesterlauf.at

We provide an extremely low price

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